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   Why Choose Us?

   Through listening and responding to our clients' needs, we determined we could reduce the decision making burden employers and human resource manager's experience when deciding which areas of the country need to be researched for potential criminal activity of existing employees and new hires. Since the only true nationwide criminal record search can be performed by the FBI, and since it is cost prohibitive to search over 5000 court systems throughout the country, employers must rely on choosing the appropriate court jurisdiction(s) where an employee most likely would be prosecuted for a crime.
    Unlike other employment screening service companies, we perform nationwide research to develop an address history of the subject, before the criminal record research is performed. We also perform verification research of the subject's social security number and search for aka's of the subject. From the results of this research, we then can determine which court jurisdictions need to be researched.
    As an added benefit, we research all applicable court jurisdictions at one, low flat rate. We have found this approach to be extremely beneficial to employers who would rather rely on our research experts than to risk choosing the wrong jurisdictions to be researched. We can substantially help to reduce the liability employers have when hiring employees with a criminal history; and who may have the propensity for further violence, theft or other egregious acts.
    We believe this thorough approach for professional research, distinguishes our firm from other employment screening companies. Hopefully, you will agree.

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