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   Why Perform Employment Background Research?

   Y our most important asset could be your most expensive liability! We can help reduce your risks and liability exposure.
   Is Your Present Vendor Knowledgeable Of The Law?

   No matter how many employees a company has, or the type or size of the business, employers are liable for negligent hiring and negligent retention if they fail to research an employee's background when they hire or promote. Workplace violence and other behaviors they have exhibited or occurred before are likely to resurface if the circumstances are right. Someone's background cannot be determined from an interview, or the "old boy network" let alone common references. Background research is now an integral part of employee hiring; which is legal, effective, and prudent. Existing employees and potential employees should be researched using a reputable search firm

   Don't be handcuffed in your decision making!
If your applicants have job related problems in their backgrounds, exhibited violence or malfeasance in their tenure with another company, you need to know. If they are being hired for or promoted in a financial or fiduciary capacity, a credit check should also be performed. If they are over extended in their credit, or living beyond their salary or compensation levels, there is a likelihood that theft may be a temptation.

   Be thorough In Your Research!
Don't get caught playing a chess game!
Background research should include, at least, the following; depending on the position they are being considered for:

  • Criminal Convictions by County, State, or Metropolitan Area

  • Personal Profiles offering a true financial, character and previous employment information of the employee, along with civil litigation and bankruptcy information. (subject to the terms of the Fair Credit Reporting Act)

  • Driving/Motor Vehicle Records

  • Social Security Number and Address Verification (an important check to verify that your applicant is not using someone else's SS# or address)
   Make the best decisions and avoid liability exposure.
We will offer all the above listed services for you as a part of our employee research package. Volume discounts can be arranged for substantial savings. Report requests can be submitted right from this WebSite and retrieved right here as well; or, if you prefer, fax to fax transmission is also available. All you need is a subscriber account number and we will perform these searches through our secure server. No sign-up fees or monthly minimums to assure you of continued service.

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